Climate Smart Glacier Country in the News

Refill Not Landfill

Click here to see a list of locations in the Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park where you can refill your reusable water bottle.

Climate Change and Tourism in Whitefish and Glacier National Park

AAAS’s How We Respond – From Conversations to Action: Whitefish Tackles Climate Change Impacts on Wilderness and Tourism

Public News Service – MT Town Shows How to Frame Climate Change in Rural America

Wildfire in the City

Montana Public Radio: We Have Serious Issues–Whitefish Considers Wildfire Threat and Prevention

NBC Montana: Whitefish Fire Chief Says Planning, Notification Key in Wildfire Safety

Local Firefighters React to Deadly California Blazes: ‘It Can Happen Here’

New Website Details Effects of Montana Wildfire Smoke

Driven by Climate Change, Fire Reshapes U.S. West

Visit the City of Whitefish webpage to learn more about Fire Safe actions you can take to protect your home.

In the News

Whitefish Woman Starts Project Encouraging Use of Refillable Water Bottles

Climate Smart Glacier Country Announces Art Contest

Changing the Model for Climate Action in Whitefish, Montana

Climate Smart Tour Saturday in Whitefish

Couple Taps Into Sustainable Building Trend

Events Focus on Solutions Dealing with Climate Change

City Installs Electric Vehicle Charging in Parking Garage

City Council Approves Final Climate Action Plan

Whitefish Poised to Adopt Climate Action Plan

Saving Winter

Whitefish Releases Climate Action Plan

Whitefish Releases Climate Action Plan to Transition Into Clean Energy Economy

FVCC Hosts Montana Climate Science Day

Climate Change is Real: What Then Should We Do?

Climate Smart Seeking Nominations for Awards

Groups Look for Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint

KGEZ Radio Show Appearances

These radio recordings were taken from the KGEZ Good Morning Show with John Hendricks and Robin Mitchell.

December 2020 – (Katie Wallace – on Sustainable Holiday Tips)

October 2020 – (Katie Wallace – on EcoChallenge)

September 2020 – (Pam Gerwe – Purple Frog Gardens)

July 2020 – (Kate McMahon)

June 2020 – (Cassady Daley)

May 2020 – (Gretchen Boyer)

March 2020 – (Ise Lund, Sandy Burch)

February 2020 – (Gretchen Boyer, Caitlin Coghlan)

January 2020 – (Jeremiah Eaton)

November 2019 – (Dave Fischlowitz, Scott Lawhead)

October 2019 – (Randy Hohf, Robin Kelson)

September 2019 –  (Sarah Harding, Robin Kelson)

August 2019 –  (Kate McMahon, Heather Murray)

July 2019 – Water Conservation. Discussing the importance of conserving water in the Flathead Valley, and the steps the City of Whitefish and the Flathead Conservation District are making through a water conservation ordinance and rain garden workshops to encourage residents to waste less water (Hailey Graf, Sophia Valenzuela)

June 2019 – Climate change and lakes. Changes occurring in Whitefish Lake and impacts of aquatic invasive species. (Mike Koopal)

May 2019 – Climate change in Glacier Nat’l Park. Discussing the impacts of climate change on Glacier National Park, both issues that have already been seen and ones that will happen in the future. (Siani Beck)

April 2019 – Earth Day. Inviting the community to the annual Flathead Earth Day festival and listing the many fun events and booths that will be open for kids and adults to learn about the environment and sustainable living (Matt Folz, Allison Batch)

March 2019 – Refill Not Landfill. Discussing methods of discouraging the use of plastic water bottles and methods of making water bottle refill stations more easily available to the community and to tourists (Kelly Ordway, Richard Turbiak)

February 2019 – Free the Seeds. Discussing the Free the Seeds event happening at the beginning of March and its potential to inform the community about local, sustainable agriculture and cultivate a culture of self-sufficiency and earth-friendly farming practices (Brooke Bohannan, Robin Kelson)

December 2018 – Climate Smart Art Contest. Introducing the Climate Smart Art Contest and describing the way that art complements the mission of Climate Smart (Curran Edland, Sophia Valenzuela)

November 2018 – Wildfire in the City. Discussing the history of fires in the Flathead and the way history can help us predict future fire behavior (Ed Lieser, Rick Trembath)

October 2018 – Wildfire in the City. Establishing Whitefish as a fire-adapted community and recommendations from the Whitefish CAP (Richard Hildner, Joe Page)

September 2018 – Energy Efficient Building for Affordable Housing workshop promotion, and how you can save money by conserving energy (Contractor Kevin Jacks & FEC’s Adam Steele)

August 2018 – Building healthy soils for a changing climate and the role of composing (Alissa LaChance & Steve Thompson)

July 2018 – Whitefish Center for Sustainability & Entrepreneurship: the building, the program, and the community-school nexus (Taylor Wilmot & Steve Thompson)

June 2018 – Energy Corps and partnerships between the City of Whitefish and the school district (Mariah Gladstone & Steve Thompson)

May 2018 – Glacier National Park takes action to prepare for climate change and reduce local impacts (Jeff Mow)

April 2018 – Earth Day happenings coming up: Launch of the Center for Sustainability & Entrepreneurship, Earth Day celebration, and unveiling of the Whitefish CAP (Matt Folz & Allison Batch)

March 2018 – Whitefish CAP out for public comment–here’s what it covers, and a summary of the Solar-Ease Workshop

February 2018 – Adapting to wildfire in a changing climate: What the MT Climate Assessment says about wildfire risk and fire seasons, what FireSafe Flathead is doing to reduce risk, and promoting the upcoming FireSafe lecture series at FVCC (Steve Thompson & DNRC’s Ali Ulwelling)

January 2018 – What is Climate Smart Glacier Country? What is our purpose? And what’s up with the weird, volatile weather and is it related to climate change? (Steve Thompson)

December 2017 – Whitefish Climate Action Plan: Why Whitefish is doing one and a sneak peek at draft strategies (Steve Thompson)

November 2017 – Promoting the Clean Energy Forum in Columbia Falls (Steve Thompson)