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  • CSGC Invites Feedback on Plastic Recycling White Paper!

    In November 2019, CSGC hosted the “State of Flathead’s Plastic” symposium at Flathead Valley Community College. The event was structured to be informative and to start a dialogue on how to solve the plastic problem in Flathead County. It was attended by over 300 people! Although the current Covid-19 crisis

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  • HEPA Air Cleaners ​for Wildfire Smoke

    HEPA Filters Flyer (PDF)   In preparation for wildfire season, CSGC and Flathead County Health Department are pleased to announce a program to donate free HEPA air purifiers to at-risk, low-income households. Call Devyn Taylor at the Health Department for more details (751-8255).   Visit Climate Smart Missoula’s page for

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  • The State of Flathead’s Plastic

    Community resilience is more than a fancy buzzword thrown around by scientists and politicians, it is something tangible that affects daily life here in Montana. The power of community resilience was recently put on display at the State of Flathead’s Plastic event hosted by Climate Smart Glacier Country, a community

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  • Take The Plastic Pledge

    Collectively, individual action can make a big difference. Join us in taking the “Plastic Pledge” to reduce plastic waste. You decide your level of commitment. Together, our efforts will speak volumes to solve the plastic problem. Whereas the equivalent of one billion elephants worth of plastic has been created since

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    Stay Hydrated This Summer with a Reusable Water Bottle

    In the minute it took you to click on this post and read this sentence, humans around the globe bought a million plastic water bottles. In the US alone, 60 million single-use water bottles are thrown out every day. And 91% of those bottles are not recycled, despite the fact

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