Climate Change in the Crown of the Continent: Science, Impacts and Local Solutions

The Montana House in Apgar Village, inside Glacier National Park, is hosting a presentation about climate change, projected impacts and local solutions in and around Glacier National Park as part of its ‘Look, Listen and Learn’ series.  This talk is scheduled for Thursday, August 24 at 7 p.m. at the Montana House ‘Kintla Camp’ event room.

Steve Thompson, Chairman of Climate Smart Glacier Country, will talk about the new non-profit partnership, which is focused on creating local solutions to the challenges of a warming climate. He also will share the latest research about climate trends and future projections in Glacier National Park and the Crown of the Continent region.

Climate Smart Glacier Country formed in late 2016 as a partnership between Glacier National Park, the City of Whitefish, local businesses, organizations and individuals. It has a three-part emphasis:

  • Adaptation and resiliency: Understanding climate change projections and preparing for likely impacts to minimize disruption.
  • Mitigation: Reducing emissions and building a clean energy economy.
  • Education: Learning and sharing what a changing climate means for Glacier Country

A former national park ranger and journalist, Thompson has worked for several Montana conservation groups since 1991. In 2001 he opened the Glacier Field Office of National Parks Conservation  Association. Today, his consulting firm, Climate Realty LLC, advises homebuyers, communities and real estate professionals about climate change risk and readiness in the housing sector. He also is a wild ice skater, gardener, and elk hunter.

Hans and Toni Jungster established The Montana House Regional Craft Shop in 1960 in Apgar Village, just inside Glacier National Park.  Their daughter, Monica and staff continue to carry on their mission: to celebrate and promote the creativity of Montana and Native American artists and craftsmen for our mutual benefit. The Montana House has been a long time avid supporter of Glacier National Park.

A reception will follow Thompson’s presentation. The event is free and open to the public but reservations are required. Call 406 888-5393 or email to reserve a seat.