CSGC Invites Feedback on Plastic Recycling White Paper!

In November 2019, CSGC hosted the “State of Flathead’s Plastic” symposium at Flathead Valley Community College. The event was structured to be informative and to start a dialogue on how to solve the plastic problem in Flathead County. It was attended by over 300 people! Although the current Covid-19 crisis has limited the ability host another event this year, CSGC wants to keep the conversation alive. As a follow-up to the plastic event, we are inviting members to comment on a white paper regarding plastic recycling in Montana and in the Flathead. The white paper provides background on the plastic recycling process, reviews issues, discusses opportunities and proposes best practices to address concerns with pollution, waste reduction, and carbon emissions. Use the link below to download the report and send us your comments. Your feedback on the white paper will help us refine the paper and determine support for next steps.

Plastic Recycling in Montana and Flathead County

E-mail your comments: info@climatesmartglaciercountry.org.