Food and Soil Working Group

Food and Soil Working Group

We forge partnerships that strengthen our local food systems and build our soils. This sustains our natural resources, sequesters carbon, and makes our communities resilient and self-reliant. Current Projects:

Current projects:

  • Explore opportunity for green community leaf vacuum machine
  • Promote community education on turning autumn leaves into garden compost
  • Partner with WFHS FREEFLOW students in evaluating impact and value of including native and food plantings in downtown planters

The Working Group led a workshop about growing food in a changing climate at the Free the Seeds  Fair on March 4 at Flathead Valley Community College. The lively conversation was featured the next day in the Kalispell Daily Interlake by reporter Alyssa Gray. Seed Enthusiasts Discuss Solutions to Changing Climate.

How is climate change relevant to the future of food in the Flathead Valley?

"One woman in attendance offered that locally sourced foods might be a hedge against risk, adding that much of the valley’s produce comes from places like California and Arizona, and that unpredictable weather down the road could lead to shortages.... Audience suggestions included buying local, providing education and awareness in schools, eating less meat to reduce carbon emissions, and creating an infrastructure for a local food movement."

Adding more organic matter to the soil is a step toward reducing greenhouse gases by rebuilding carbon-rich soils, which also serves to retain moisture in hotter, drier summers. (Kalispell Daily Interlake, March 4, 2017. Story and photo by Alyssa Gray.)



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